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“Do not fear, only believe”

The story behind Jairus and Jairus Bible World Ministries

  Jairus means “Jehovah who enlightens”.  It is not a commonly used name and I wanted to share how it became meaningful to me and why I chose to use it for our ministry. If you have read my testimony, you will be aware that my wife and I struggled with infertility for over 10 years. We married in 2006 but were unable to conceive. We had tried every method available to us including Chinese herbs and numerous IVF attempts but nothing worked.  On May 12, 2016 God spoke to me in a dream and told me that my wife would become pregnant the next month.  To her surprise my wife found out she was pregnant with our miracle daughter on May 27th, 2016!  We now have a healthy, beautiful one-year old girl named Elim. Though our hearts are now filled with joy, during this ten-year process there were many dark .  When I look back I can see that God tried to speak to me and give me strength many times, but I had a hard time hearing him.  Between 2014 and 2016 was a time of transition for me.  I didn’t know it at the time, but God was transitioning me from an evangelical church to a charismatic church and entrusting a ministry to me after a period of testing in the wilderness.  God was using all these environments to prepare me for something in the future. The reality of our situation was difficult.  On top of this I felt like I had hit a wall when it came to  healing and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  These were both things I had been diligently seeking but had not yet received.  The Lord used my need of healing and my desire to be baptized by the Holy Spirit to lead me to pentecostal and charismatic churches.  I had been a Christian for 13 years and had never attended a charismatic church.  In sharing my story, I never want to infer that one denomination is better than another.  I have learned they all hold certain truths and no denomination has the whole picture.  I remain deeply grateful any churches I’ve attended in the past.  They have helped me both financially and spiritually and I am so thankful for the experiences I shared with them.  The reason I’m sharing the difference between denominations is to show how God was taking me out of my comfort zone to allow me to learn about Him from a different perspective.

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