In this dream I went to Japan and someone gave me a radio. This radio could be changed into all kinds of shapes. It could be turned into a ball or stretched into other shapes. There were a lot of different radio stations and I listened to many Japanese stations and Chinese stations. I found the radio set was only about 2 dollars and it seemed I had purchased it online.

Then I was sitting with a man in a restaurant in Japan. I felt it may have been the Lord or an angel, but I am not sure. I was sitting in a corner and the table is long and there are people sitting on my right side. That guy also wanted to sit with me on the same table but so many people were sitting there. We had to move the table a bit to accommodate him. He was sitting across me over the very end of the table. It might be hard for him to reach the dishes.

Then we started to eat, and I found some lotus root, beef and zucchini on the table. Later I found that the owner could be a Chinese woman. She could speak Chinese with me but since there were other Americans at the table she spoke in English. One American girl came from Harrisburg, PA, so I asked her if she knew Randy Clark. She said she didn’t but another American man sitting beside her said he knew Randy Clark.  I told them we just came from a conference and we were preaching gospel here. (In reality I have never traveled with Randy Clark but I am talking online classes in his school. I have finished the Christian Prophetic Certification Program and I am working on finishing the Christian Healing Certification Program. Click here to view my certification.

I saw the man I mentioned earlier again. He was putting some meat on the BBQ with the owner of the restaurant. Later the American man who knew Randy Clark insisted on paying the bill, so I had to say okay. But I told him I can pray a blessing over him and I prayed to welcome the Holy Spirit and I was expecting that he would fall down under the presence of God or something like that in the dream.

Note: I started having prophetic dreams more often beginning in 2015 and a number of these dreams were about Japan. I remember some of these dreams clearly and I wrote them down immediately when I woke up. However, some of them were a little vague so I omitted a few dreams I had about Japan. I am not sure if they are really from the Lord. But some of these dreams are wild enough for a Chinese person to be dreaming about at all.  For those who may not be aware, there is still much tension between Chinese and Japanese people because of Japan previously invading China.

I’m still new to prophetic dreams so I may not understand all of them currently. However, I still felt I should write and share them to encourage those who have a burden to preach the Gospel to the Japanese people. If you understand the meaning behind any of these dreams, you are welcome to contact us to share your thoughts.

Let’s continue to pray for Japan and the Japanese people. God loves them enough to die for them, so they can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. I do believe one thing from these dreams and that is the coming of a great revival in Japan and this revival will come to China later. I personally feel this revival in Japan is a sign of the coming great revival in China and the latter will spread all over the world. The reason I believe this revival in Japan will come to China is also based on one of dreams below. These are my personal convictions as I am not sure if my interpretation is correct.


Jairus, written on June 25th, 2018 in Washington DC