Evangelism was something God placed in my heart, and I had been preaching the gospel to Chinese students and scholars overseas since I became saved in 2002. At first, I did not have a burden or know much about the people and churches in China. My main focus was on my family members and friends since I didn’t live there. God began to change this when I attended the Elijah List Conference in 2006 and heard Chuck Pierce talking about a visitation he had from the Lord. The Lord told him there would be a great revival in China, and it would spread all over the world. I had read this in his book before I went to the conference. One day after the conference, I was pondering this, and suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit ask me: “What is a big revival?” Immediately I replied: “I heard that in China, one out of ten Chinese people is a believer, so I think China already has a big revival?” Then I heard the Holy Spirit ask me again, “How about two out of ten”? I was shocked, calculated quickly, and it would be at least another one hundred million people. I felt the Holy Spirit was just challenging me to think bigger, but even then, I don’t think he only meant two out of ten. It could be three out of ten, four out of ten, or even five out of ten, or more.

 I also heard Bob Jones prophesy that in the end time there would be a harvest of a billion souls. Surely one or two out of them could be Chinese. And it could not be possible to have a billion soul harvest if you don’t have a big harvest in China.

 In addition to the Lord placing this burden on my heart, I received many prophetic words about preaching the gospel in China. I have no idea how this will come about, but He is the Lord, and He is the master of the crop. The only thing I can do is prepare myself better.